Our Cabernet Sauvignon is luscious, velvety & heavy body and aged on American, French & Hungarian oak for 24 months.


Our Chambourcin is medium-bodied and garnet colored. Full of fruit & pepper flavors, this dry red has soft tannins and ample acidity.

With hints of honey on the nose, the taste profile of this dry white wine is quite unique. High levels of natural acidity hit your palate like pop rocks rocks then slowly go away with its round finish. Our Gruner pairs well with pork, shellfish, grilled vegetables & spicy dishes.


Our Pinot Grigio is a quintessential dry white similar in style to a Northern Italian style Pinot with its minerality and dryness.  Slight fruit on the palate, this Pinot pairs well with mussels, French fries & hot summer days.

Brand new vintage of our semi-sweet red is back on the Iron Plow wine list!  This light red is as fun as the redhead on the label!

Made from local cranberries & Diamond grapes. Crisp, tart & luscious.


An Iron Plow favorite, delicious blend of Chambourcin & Cabernet Franc this medium body red is rich with hints of berries & slight peppery finish.  Both of these new additions pair perfectly with hearty meat dishes, cigars and the cold weather months ahead! 

Medium bodied and oak-aged, this Cab Franc is smoky and peppery with a blackberry finish.


Our estate grown Vidal Blanc exemplifies NJ terroir. This dry white with its hints of honeydew and pineapple pairs well with soft cheeses, pasta dishes and roasted poultry/game.


This IPD (India Pale Diamond) has the perfect balance of aroma and flavor thanks to its Mosaic & Citra hops. We dry hop this wine for 8-9 weeks before bottling.  It will make any craft beer fan into a wine-o!

Our rose - classic in color, sweet and refreshing.


Once you taste this blueberry wine, you'll never want to stop!

This dark, rich, full-bodied dry red wine has berry flavors and spicy overtones.  Barrel aged for 24 months and slightly acidic, this red is the perfect accompaiment to red meats, pasta and strong cheeses.

This is a full bodied, Bordeaux style blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon & Petit Verdot aged 30 months in American & French oak.  Plum and black currant with a high tannin finish. 

This snappy, zesty grape, is full of aromatic personality.  With high acidity and a crisp, clean taste, this is a great wine to drink with any roasted poultry dishes.

An instant party classic! You are encouraged to play with the empty bottle. That makes for yet another great reason to finish this bottle of Diamond and Cayuga blend. Smooth & off-dry with hints of pineapple and a floral nose.


A semi-sweet crisp white wine. This is one apple wine that a day will keep the doctor away!

Luscious hints of orange, lime and pomegranate hints your palate in our Spanish style red Sangria.

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